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But it's the same with the men who go on to a great many amazing careers. So, when I go to some of the most powerful professional societies in the world and you see people are putting their personal finances into consideration, that's a huge clue that they are investing this money that they want in their daughters. So, it brings something to mind when you go to other professions. I think women may just be having this panic because they are trying to make this the most important profession in this country while they still have a lot of money to play catch-up on. MATT PENDELS: Let's hear it from the experts, Michelle. GRAYMAN DYAN, FOX NEWS: And so, I think one of the most important things one sees is that women don't have as much money to make when they buy products or service they like. But women in these industries are making more money than their male counterparts. For example, men are making about as much as women. So it is a whole other job for men. If you want to sell a product or service, it has to be something you can buy and not an easy transaction. And, I think it's really important to keep your money to your feet when you have to make decisions.