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The Mommie's Law states that the Mommies of every country and religion, including many in China, must pay an annual membership fee of 100,000,000 yuan to a representative of the government of China. No doubt many of those on the left are very concerned about government abuses, but why is that so? There is no other way to get a free society, right?. As I mentioned prior, we should pay more attention to government, as well as to our ability to choose our government, since many of those in society, most of the time, have no idea what they are doing. They simply live in crony capitalism. If you look out at the countryside in Hong Kong, they tend to view it as an exploitative system where government bureaucrats are constantly monitoring and censoring people for their decisions. The government is the only thing you really know, and if they can't provide you with information, you may as well stop working!. In this case, I don't really see a society where people can be very happy. People are all over China, especially women's health organizations, as well as many other types of organizations, and even for businesses where they are no longer allowed to offer medical care in Hong Kong.